Trina Braxton Finally Free

We are just into the second episode of the new season of Braxton Family Values and learned of the ending of Trina Braxton & Gabe’s relationship. Well we are here to report that the word is, this time Trina really went all the way through with it this time. Reports show the marriage ended in divorce way back on April 16, 2015. Reports show that the divorce trial was very nasty and cut-throat. Supposedly Gabe escorted Trina and his step-children out of their home after living there over a decade. The Braxton family is very happy that the marriage is over now. Toni Braxton has claimed to have been scared of Gabe. Tamar Braxtin does not want Trina to be alone with Gabe under any circumstances. Who knew Gabe was a danger? This story is still in development. A photo of the two are below. ExpressGram_30-05-192056.jpg


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