The Game’s New Love

The Game went from ‘Marrying The Game’ to dating IndiaLove allegedly. If you can remember not too long ago, Game had a reality show with his family. The cast consisted of his 3 children and the Fiance and mother of his kids, Tiffany. A scandal broke out in which Game was accused of sleeping with his assistant. This allegedly broke up his engagement with his fiance. Since then, no one has heard of Game dating any woman until now. Apparently, Game and India Love is a pair as sources has stated. India, who is much younger (almost 20 years) seems to be falling for the rapper at a rapid pace. Monday, India placed Game on her Instagram as her MCM (man crush monday). The two have been throwing hints that they are together. Sources also say that Game have been going back and fourth between India and Tiffany. Seems very shady, but hey who are we to judge. Here are the photos of the two throwing hints to their fans. 20150523_021223


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