Intelligent Group Of Kids Respond To Stacey Dash On Her Statement About Black History (Video)

Stacey Dash’s Solution To Oscars Controversy: “Cancel BET And Black History Month”

A few of the precocious children asked if Dash’s wish was even legal and inquired on whether or not Kanye West is aware of his former “All Falls Down” video co-star’s statement. Throughout the 60-second visual, the kids also exclaim their excitement to celebrate their rich culture.

“It forces us to talk about our amazing history and it didn’t begin with slavery, no negativity, no stereotypes, all excellence because that’s who and what we are,” they said.


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Macklemore Released ‘White Privilege II’: Calls Out Miley Cyrus And Iggy Azalea

Macklemore boldly calls out Iggy Azeala & Mylie Cyrus on “White Privilege II”
“We’re more concerned with being called racist than we are with racism.” New Macklemore “White Privilege II” song released in the middle of a questionable American nation.…282dopeboyz%29

10 years ago, back in 2005, Macklemore released a thought-provoking song called “White Privilege” on his solo album, The Language Of My World. Now, with their new album, titled, This Unruly Mess I’ve Made, dropping next month, the Seattle native and his band-mate, Ryan Lewis have returned with a sequel.

At nearly nine minutes, “White Privilege II” touches on racial injustice in our America, the Black Lives Matter ongoing movement, and everything in between. The explosive music is sure to get people talking.

Come Again? Snootie Wild Is Accusing Lola Monroe Of Passing HIV To His Friend

There was a falling out this morning as rap artist Snootie Wild took to social media to blast model, Lola Monroe. img_20160112_115549.jpg

Apparently, Monroe allegedly is passing on the H. I. V. virus carelessly. Snootie claimed that Monroe may have given the virus to a good friend of his named Yayo.


Not too long after posting the disturbing message, Snootie deleted it, so we are not sure whether it was a hoax or accurate information. Word got out quickly before he could delete and fans immediately took to Monroe’s Instagram account to question the validity of the allegations.

Surprisingly, Monroe is handling the matter unbothered as she says “I really don’t care”, while answering the commentors questions. Here is the conversation below: img_20160112_115521.jpg

It is apparent that no one is safe on social media, as you will get blasted by messing with the wrong person.