Celine Dion Says Goodbye To Love Of Her Life


Today was an emotional end to a love story that lasted over 20 years.


Singer, Celine Dion got to say her final goodbye to husband of 21 years, Rene Angelil at his funeral in Montreal. Along with her came their three sons, Rene-Charles, Eddy and Nelson. The funeral took place in the same church where the couple got married in 1994.



Rene passed away after battling cancer for a while. The next day, Celine lost her brother Daniel to the same deadly disease. This has been quite a month for the songstress and we wish her all the best. Losing two people that you love dearly can be extremely overwhelming.


Help! I’m In Love With A Married Man P. 1

Dear Topcelebblog,

I have been off and on with my first love for 20 years now. We met at the tender age of 13. We have fell in and out of love a thousand times.

Our love was forbidden since day one. At 17 years old, I ran away from home to be with him. This decision changed my life and still haunts me til this day. We moved in together as if we were mature enough to maintain a house and relationship. Fairytales are so romantic. My mom hated him for taking away her daughter, or so she claimed. A month after taking the biggest leap of faith, my first love, we’ll just call him Marcus, got arrested and received two years prison time. I was so devastated.

I didn’t move out of our home we shared together, right away because I wasn’t ready to let go of what we shared for so many years. His mother and sister moved in with me in order to keep me company and of course an eye out, so that I wouldn’t cheat. That didn’t work! At 17 years old, I don’t think anyone would wait 2 years without some sort of companionship.

Me and Marcus’s sister began hanging at the tattoo shop with other teens. That’s where we got our very first tattoos. My mother in law was a bit upset but eventually, she understood. While hanging in the tattoo shop almost daily, I began to catch feelings for Tyreek. Tyreek was the total opposite of Marcus. This guy was mysterious, tall, exotic and adventurous. I still can’t believe I allowed him to put a tattoo of his choice on me. It came out cute though. Ty was fine and all but the relationship never got physical. He was just fun to be around.

One day me and Marcus’s sister was hanging sitting on the front porch when a girl walked up to her and they began talking. Turns out the girls name is was April and she immediately let it be known that she had slept with Marcus, while we were together. I wasn’t surprised because Marcus had cheated on me a few times, so she wasn’t anything special. I actually laughed at how the immature girl came at me so boldly. Although I did not let the confession bother me, I decided right then and there that, I was going to have a little fun of my own.

Walking down the street in my skin-tight jeans and backless red blouse, I was determined to catch a few eyes on my way. It worked because Lewis almost wrecked his car while watching me. It was so hilarious. That day, Lewis told his sister, he had to have me! Lewis was actually a grown man, 25 to be exact. I thought I was ready for a grown man but little did I know, my life would take me on a journey that would change me forever.

I was invited to Lewis’s house by his sister. They lived together, along with their other brother, Bookie. Lewis cooked dinner for me that night. The food was amazing. Lewis asked me to come into his room for a private conversation. We began to talk and eventually kissed. The kiss lead to us making love. It was magical. This man had made love to me like a scene right out of a movie. I had never felt like that before. From that point on, we were inseparable. The clouds were literally underneath my fee. To be continued….

Please check back in for Part 2…




Lil Mama Returns To ‘The Breakfast Club’ Showing She Can Handle The Charlemagne Backlash

img_20160112_162710.jpgDiving right in they immediately address the crying incident on the last interview. Says it was discussing her mother that made her cry, not necessarily Charlamagne coming down on her.

Lee warned Lil Mama ahead of time that Charlamagne was gonna make jokes and she said she was good and could handle the backlash.

There were discussions about a fight in Brooklyn she was involved with recently.

Explains the backyard show she performed last yearand confirmed that it was a favor for a family member.

She says she’s not at all upset by the memes of her crying online.

Talks of the Sausage record and the backlash against it. Says that most people hated Sausage simply because she made it and it would’ve gotten more love if someone else made the record. (We totally agree) 

Says her and father stopped talking for a short while after her mom died, but they eventually reunited. 

Lil Mama revealed that she’s now close with T-Boz and Chilli after doing the TLC movie.

Says Shad Moss aka Bow Wow is a hip hop legend.

Talked about the rumors that she and Big Sean are datthe.

Finally, the video ends with her performing a freestyle over Freeway’s “What We Do” showcasing raw talent.

All in all, the interview was informative and gives an in depth look into the life of Lil Mama.

Way to go on facing your fears and not running away from them! She is very strong because personally, I couldn’t go back in the same room as Charlemagne The God after his idiotic behavior the first time around.

Come Again? Snootie Wild Is Accusing Lola Monroe Of Passing HIV To His Friend

There was a falling out this morning as rap artist Snootie Wild took to social media to blast model, Lola Monroe. img_20160112_115549.jpg

Apparently, Monroe allegedly is passing on the H. I. V. virus carelessly. Snootie claimed that Monroe may have given the virus to a good friend of his named Yayo.


Not too long after posting the disturbing message, Snootie deleted it, so we are not sure whether it was a hoax or accurate information. Word got out quickly before he could delete and fans immediately took to Monroe’s Instagram account to question the validity of the allegations.

Surprisingly, Monroe is handling the matter unbothered as she says “I really don’t care”, while answering the commentors questions. Here is the conversation below: img_20160112_115521.jpg

It is apparent that no one is safe on social media, as you will get blasted by messing with the wrong person.

2016 Golden Globe Awards

The GGA’s was filled with fierce Fashion, talent and Hollywood’s Elite.
Stars such as TarajiPHenson, Viola Davis, Michael B. Jordan, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Angela Bassett, LaverneCox, Regina King, Will Smith, Jada Smith and of course so many more.img_20160110_205245.jpg

The magnificent Fashion pieces included Calvin Klein, Gucci, Prada, Louboutin, Alexander Mcqueen and other high end brands.img_20160110_205426.jpg

There were epic highlights of the show including the celebration of Hollywood extraordinary actor-Denzel Washington who won the Cecile Demille. Lady Gaga got emotional as she accepted her award. Matt Damon took home a trophy for ‘The Martian’. Mr. Robot won two awards. Sylvester Stallone won ‘Creed’.

Mi condesa 🎉🎉🎊 #goldenglobes #ladygaga

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E a cara do Dicaprio pra Gaga? Eitaaaaa #goldenglobes #GlobodeOuro

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TarajiPHenson won Best Actress in a TV series. That was a proud moment for Black History!

Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his shine on as he won Best Actor In A Motion Picture.

The comedy skits we’re very entertaining as well. This years show was amazing.


Future Very Entertained By Kendall Jenner Video

Last night a video went viral of Kendall Jenner getting lit to one of rapper Future’s hits.

Kendall was dancing and it sort of looked like the infamous crip walk. Guess that made Future feel better after starting off a rough week with the drama between him and ex fiancé, Ciara. Future got so happy that he tweeted about Jenner and of course everyone started speculating.20160106_010010.jpg


Being that he loved the video so much, do you think Future might cross over to the other side? He May Just be having fun and enjoyed the entertainment like everyone else.
Thinking about one of his songs with Miley Cyrus (Real And True), where he claims his peers told him he should have a white girl, it may still be on his mind.