Ed Hartwell And Keshia Knight Pulliam Share Wedding Photo

Keshia Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell got engaged and quickly walked down the aisle. The couple got married in a little over 20 days.

Big Tigger threw accusations out telling everyone that the new couple may have already been married when the world found out about the engagement. Maybe he was telling the truth after all.

Keshia took to Instagram to share a shocking photo of the couple kissing taken during their wedding ceremony with the caption: The most AMAZING day of our life!!! New “Kandidly Keshia” available on play.it/Keshia. Listen as we share our magical wedding day. #IAmOfficiallyMrsHartwell

We wish the couple everlasting love but can’t help but wonder how the two moved so fast after Pulliam had recently been in a relationship with Big Tigger for so many years.


Throwback Special: Rosie Perez And Tupac Story


– Explain the picture of you and #Tupac .”
Rosie: ” Everyone thought that we were having sex…and weren’t. What had happen was is that I was supposed to go the Soul Train Music awards with this other guy in the music industry don’t ask who, he stood me up! He stood me up 15 minutes before we were supposed to leave and Tupac..we were friends and he called me up he was like “wassup?” and I was crying and he said ” Yo, forget that muthafucka.”, and he said let’s go up there, i’ll be your date.” and I said what? and he goes ” He’s gonna be so jealous of me and you.” and everything and I said “yeah?” and he goes “plus I want you to hook me up with #Madonna .” We were in the limousine me, Tupac and my best friend Julie and we were sitting there smoking and I look at Pac and he looks at me and I go “Are we supposed to kiss or something?” and he said no, because you’re the type of girl that someone marries.” “and we got out of the limo and I was soo stoned and I was so scared and everything and he’s like “Don’t worry, I got you and that’s the moment in the picture of him holding my hand. (thefreerootsproject)

What Happened To 16 Yr. Old Gynnya Mcmillen



This news was brought to us by The Hush Report- Gynnya McMillen, a 16 y/o child was found dead in police custody earlier this week. Police say they have no explanation for her death.

Gynnya McMillen died in a juvenile detention center in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.
Officials are not releasing any information. All they’re saying is that she was found unresponsive Jan 11, 2016 at the Lincoln Village Regional Center earlier that day. They’re not saying where she was found.

So Kentucky cops seem to have a thing against Black females. They allegedly beat Antwynetta Houston and killed McMillen.

If I search Gynnya Mcmillen and look under news, there is nothing. Nothing. How is there nothing?!?

Mainstream media didn’t cover this death. We demand answers.


Not only are our black adults coming up dead but our children are falling victim in police custody.


Petty! Fans Make Big Deal About Ciara’s National Anthem Dress


Singer/Model Ciara sang the national anthem live at the Alabama VS. Clemson Football Game Championship.

The star shined bright literally and gracefully on stage.

Ciara wore a gorgeous cream colored gown that wowed the crowd. The attire fit Her frame perfectly, however, many people were not pleased at the front of the dress because it displayed minor cleavage in a shear piece added to the front.

There were no complaints on our end as we enjoyed the show and beauty of the songstress. Of course there will be complaints, no matter what you do or Who you may be.

Ciara is the epitome of elegance, style and grace throughout her entire career. One person who matters the most to Cici is her bae, Russell Wilson and he did not have an issue with her appearance.

So we say to you, if you’re one of the bitter Betty’s causing an uproar over anything you have no control over, clutch your pearls and get it together. It is not nor ever will be that serious to bash another woman in order to uplift your low self-esteem.

NY Jets Antonio Cromartie Gets Wife Pregnant After Vasectomy


What happened to the defense? The cornerback’s wife says that despite his vasectomy, she is pregnant with twins, which now gives the fertile football player twelve children, a team of his own.

According to reports, the couple are expecting twins!

Antonio is a cornerback for the New York Jets football team. 


Terricka Cromartie was reluctant to break the news to her hubby. Despite his vasectomy a years ago, Terricka learned she was pregnant back in October of 2015. Antonio has eight other children with different women, and the new babies will bring the total up to 12.

“I was going back and forth in my head how it could even happen. In my head we were good to go, we were having free sex! I just really thought that his procedure was the best protection you could have at this point”, said Restocks to US Weekly.

The football star even joked a little about Child Support on Instagram.

Good luck to this full family!

Ryan Coogler Teams Up With Marvel For SuperHero Film

Meet 29 year old Creed and Fruitvale Station Writer/Director Ryan Coogler. Coogler was born in Oakland, California. The young entrepreneur is engaged to fiancé Zinzi Evans.


Today at the film’s European premiere at Empire Leicester Square in London, the mogul walked the Red Carpet along with Zinzi. Coogler is in negotiations to direct Marvel’s Black Panther starring Chadwick Boseman (from the James Brown biopic) set for a 2017 release!


Black Panther will be Marvel’s first black lead SuperHero film.
Ryan has had a pretty impressive Hollywood rise since his first film Fruitvale Station with Michael B. Jordan and now his miraculous revival of the Creed Franchise which earned legendary ‘Rocky’ actor, Sylvester Stallone his very first Golden Globe.

He’s set to wed his gorgeous fiancé, whom is a sign language interpreter and deaf counselor, in February. She reportedly inspired his writing of Tessa Thompson’s character in the film representing an often underrepresented community.  (Entertainment Prescription)

Oh how our community thirst’s for ambitious, gifted young men such as Coogler.