First (Photo) Of Saint West Revealed On Rob Kardashian Sr. Birthday!

After nearly three months of patiently waiting to see the baby boy of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, baby Saint West is finally revealed to the world!


Today is the birthday of late Robert Kardashian Senior, Attorney, famous for the OJ Simpson trial. In remembrance of her father, Kim Kardashian posted an adorable photo of Saint on her personal App and website.


Come Again? Julie Delpy: “I Sometimes Wish I Were African American…”

It looks as if frustration over Hollywood’s diversity debate erupted over at the Sundance Film Festival on Friday, as actress/writer, Julie Delpy expressed that she felt muzzled by the industry and added that there’s “nothing worse than being a woman in this business.”

Delpy, who was Oscar-nominated as a writer both for “Before Midnight” and “Before Sunset,” said that she said she has raised awareness over the issue of how few women were members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and was shut down.

“Two years ago, I said something about the Academy being very white male, which is the reality, and I was slashed to pieces by the media,” she told TheWrap’s Jeff Sneider. ”

It’s funny — women can’t talk. I sometimes wish I were African American because people don’t bash them afterward.”
I’m just lost all the way around with this statement. How does her dilemma compare to the mistreatment of African Americans? People these days just seem to have no filter. The racial hatred, slavery and unjustified killings of black people is not to be taken lightly or compared with such foolishness. No ma’am Ms. Delpy, you can’t possibly wish such suffering. This idiotic quote may be a publicity stunt in order to bring more awareness to your beliefs but we are not pawns in your chest game and you should tread light from now on. This sort of silly behavior is one of the many reasons why this nation has and is so divided. No values or respect for other cultures!
For that unacceptable stunt, Julie, you are no doubt, the weakest link!!!

Macklemore Released ‘White Privilege II’: Calls Out Miley Cyrus And Iggy Azalea

Macklemore boldly calls out Iggy Azeala & Mylie Cyrus on “White Privilege II”
“We’re more concerned with being called racist than we are with racism.” New Macklemore “White Privilege II” song released in the middle of a questionable American nation.…282dopeboyz%29

10 years ago, back in 2005, Macklemore released a thought-provoking song called “White Privilege” on his solo album, The Language Of My World. Now, with their new album, titled, This Unruly Mess I’ve Made, dropping next month, the Seattle native and his band-mate, Ryan Lewis have returned with a sequel.

At nearly nine minutes, “White Privilege II” touches on racial injustice in our America, the Black Lives Matter ongoing movement, and everything in between. The explosive music is sure to get people talking.

Was Kris Jenner A Real Party Girl Back In The Day?

This is an entry from anonymous sources, we can not confirm if the information is true or false. We only report the information provided. The statement is a quote from the anonymous source.


Allegedly Kris Jenner, Nicole Brown Simpson, Faye Resnick, The Richards Sisters & crew were all very much into cocaine. The well known rumor is that Khloe Kardashian may be the daughter of O. J. Simpson.IMG_20151214_003426

“Anyway this crew were well known escorts back in the day here in L.A. My friend who used to hang in circles let me in on it. Faye was living in a town home in Bel Air in the 80s and 90s and had no f*cking job. They were always looking for the come up and getting wifed by a rich man. Kris f*cked plenty of black men back in her day too. She would on purpose befriend Black women so she could get close to their husbands. She did that with Sugar Ray’s wife. The wife got hip and broke off their friendship”.

“Ron Goldman was not only Nicole’s lover but he was also her and Faye’s coke dealer. He dealt out of the restaurant he was employed at. Nicole was another one that would try to find dumb Black men to get near. Nicole plotted to get OJ while he was still married to his first wife Margarite (sp?). Margarite used to see Nicole parked down the street from their house while she was still married to OJ. Nicole basically took OJ from his first wife and did not give to f*cks because his rarely do.”