‘God’s Of Egypt’ Movie Flopped On Opening Weekend

It’s not like anyone’s surprised at the failing film because Egyptians are not white people.

A few months ago, we reported this story along with great disappointment at almost the entire cast are European.

The director issued a public apology but apparently, the public was not buying it’s sincerity.

We just got word that this movie just so happened to be the lowest grossing, opening in 2016.

Check out the article below via (TheWrap.com):
The $140 million swords-and-sandals epic from Lionsgate will open to roughly $14 million, making it the year’s biggest flop so far.

“Gods of Egypt,” the big-budget swords-and-sandals epic from Summit and Lionsgate, is bombing at the box office.
The Alex Proyas-directed action fantasy, which has a steep $140 million production budget, took in just $4.8 million in its first day of release Friday and is heading for around $14 million for the three days. The projected weekend haul — one-tenth of its budget — makes it the biggest flop of the year so far.
It will finish second but well behind “Deadpool,” which stars Ryan Reynolds and will claim its third-straight weekend win. Fox’s tale of the trash-talking superhero with a boulder on his shoulder is heading for $30 million after bringing in nearly $9 million on Friday. Its domestic haul will hit $285 million and its worldwide gross more than $550 million by Sunday.


Come Again? Joseph Fiennes To Play Michael Jackson In Movie! Where’s Jo Jackson At??

This has got to be the funniest joke of 2016. Reports show that actor Joseph Fiennes was hand picked to portray the late great king-of-pop, Michael Jackson in a new British television movie.

Stockard Channing Will Play the role of Elizabeth Taylor and Brian Cox is set to Play Marlon Brando.

The film is titled “Elizabeth, Michael and Marlon,” is said to be based upon a story reported to Vanity Fair. A former employee of Jackson’s, claims that the musician invited the legendary actors to see him perform in New York right before 9/11.

Fiennes is well known for his role inthe 1998 Oscar, “Shakespeare In Love”, American Horror Story and Hercules alongside Dwayne Johnson.

Even though Joseph has been in some entertaining films, there is no way that we can wrap our minds around him taking on the role of Jackson. It just seems thrown together. If that were the case, why not get one of his brothers to take the role?

Not into it at all.

Ed Hartwell And Keshia Knight Pulliam Share Wedding Photo

Keshia Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell got engaged and quickly walked down the aisle. The couple got married in a little over 20 days.

Big Tigger threw accusations out telling everyone that the new couple may have already been married when the world found out about the engagement. Maybe he was telling the truth after all.

Keshia took to Instagram to share a shocking photo of the couple kissing taken during their wedding ceremony with the caption: The most AMAZING day of our life!!! New “Kandidly Keshia” available on play.it/Keshia. Listen as we share our magical wedding day. #IAmOfficiallyMrsHartwell

We wish the couple everlasting love but can’t help but wonder how the two moved so fast after Pulliam had recently been in a relationship with Big Tigger for so many years.

Ryan Phillippe Invited Ex-Wife Reese Witherspoon To His Wedding; Fiancé Disagrees

Ryan Phillippe is engaged to longtime girlfriend, Paulina Slagter. Phillippe, 41, and his 24-year-old law student love have been dating for four years.

Paulina is on her way to graduating from Stanford University. In the meantime, a wedding is on the way.

Sources confirmed that Ryan invited ex wife, Reese Witherspoon to the upcoming matrimony but his fiancé disagreed.

What we hear is, Reese and Ryan is in a really great place as co-parents and friends, however, if I we’re Reese, I would politely decline as a form of respect.

We will have to wait and see what happens on the wedding day.

Wendell Pierce Built 75 Homes For His Community


Native of New Orleans actor and activist Wendell Pierce talks about how insurance companies discouraged poor and black families from returning to New Orleans after Katrina by refusing to honor homeowner policies. Pierce, whose great-grandfather came to New Orleans as a slave in the 1800s, talks about how Allstate gave his parents just $400 after they paid premiums for 50 years. Pierce also writes about his family in his new book, “The Wind in the Reeds: A Storm, a Play, and the City That Would Not Be Broken.”

In 2005, when Katrina shockingly destroyed his old neighborhood, he returned to Pontchartrain Park to revitalize the neighborhood and has built 75 new homes and plans on doubling that number.

WENDELL PIERCE: “I remember the greatest crime that ever happened, I think, was 10 years ago, when none of the large insurance companies honored the homeowner policies. My parents paid Allstate for 50 years, when they moved into Pontchartrain Park in 1955 up to the day we evacuated, and we’re still paying after the flood, because my mother said it can burn down at any time. And for those 50 years of premiums, they received $400. They said, “That’s all we’re going to pay.” There was a lawsuit, a class-action lawsuit, years later that everyone participated in to try to get some sort of mediation, and we lost the class-action suit. So, all of those insurance companies that sold insurance to my parents for years, saying that “You will be made whole. Have some flood insurance, and along with your homeowners’ insurance, when you put them together, you will be made whole,” they only gave them $400 after 50 years of paying premiums.”

“It is the African-American aesthetic: in spite of the challenge, in spite of the oppression, I will survive. And that’s on display in New Orleans, and that’s the reason 10 years after the fact, we are back to where we are.”

Source: BET.com

Come Again? Sam Smith Accused Of Racist Remarks

Sam Smith screams ”Black C*nt!!” at someone outside Freedom Bar London according to a concert goer.

This is appalling to say the least. I’m really not sure what is going on these days but it seems as if things are going backwards.

Truthfully we would love to think the world has changed for the better but each day when we turn on the news or scroll through social media, someone new is caught up in racial scandals.

We like to look up to these celebrities as role models, although they tend to disappoint us more often than not. Racism is a refuge for the ignorant in the world , it seeks to divide and to destroy, it is the enemy of freedom, it should be stamped out permanently.

Sam Smith is a great artist but if the accusations of the monstrous comments made by him are true, we feel sorry for him.

Here are a few tweets from the singer where it seems like he is attempting to justify his foolish behavior without detailing the events that took place: