NY Jets Antonio Cromartie Gets Wife Pregnant After Vasectomy


What happened to the defense? The cornerback’s wife says that despite his vasectomy, she is pregnant with twins, which now gives the fertile football player twelve children, a team of his own.

According to reports, the couple are expecting twins!

Antonio is a cornerback for the New York Jets football team. 


Terricka Cromartie was reluctant to break the news to her hubby. Despite his vasectomy a years ago, Terricka learned she was pregnant back in October of 2015. Antonio has eight other children with different women, and the new babies will bring the total up to 12.

“I was going back and forth in my head how it could even happen. In my head we were good to go, we were having free sex! I just really thought that his procedure was the best protection you could have at this point”, said Restocks to US Weekly.

The football star even joked a little about Child Support on Instagram.

Good luck to this full family!


Not One But Two New Songs From Kanye

img_20160108_141319.jpgAfter posting a full new song Real Friends and a snippet of another, No More Parties in LAto his Soundcloud, Kanye instantly pulled them down, before reposting them later this afternoon:

When unauthorized rips of the songs started to flood Soundcloud after he pulled the originals down, Kanye took to Twitter to explain the disappearing tracks. (USA Today)




Beyonce Made A Surprise Appearance On LipSync Battle

Beyonce makes a surprise appearance on Lip Sync Battle, prancing on stage during Channing Tatum’s ‘Who Run The World’ performance.

The diva hit us with two surprises today as we learned earlier that she will perform at Superbowl 2016 along with mega band, Coldplay.

Last week, reports began to float around that Bey and husband, Jay Z, shut down the New Orleans SuperDome to shoot a music video. There were tweets posted by the employees of the Dome that reported it. 

Heather Sanders Used To Be A Rapper

We are often shocked by certain celebrities pasts but we recently found out that Heather Sanders used to rap and went by the name of ‘Hot Yella’.

This was dug up by a source due to the recent feud between Blac Chyna and Sanders on snapchat. Heather was throwing tons of shade towards Chyna which led to Chyna airing out dirty laundry on Sanders. Allegedly Chyna accused Heather sleeping around many rappers. The battle got so bad that, Chyna’s mom, Tokyo Toni got involved.

In the video above Heather is getting very explicit with her lyrics as she claims to give great blow jobs. From the song it appears as if Chyna and her mother told the truth. The sad part is these two used to be best friends. It looks like all of Chyna’s friends betrayed her somehow just like Kim Kardashian. Kim and Chyna we’re Good friends until Kylie Jenner started dating her son’s father. It’s all very messy and hard to keep up with. These types of situations makes you wonder, is there any real friends in the entertainment industry?