Introducing Ramomar New York Luxury Designs


This is a very special article for us simply because we love fashion to pieces, literally.

Our CEO came across a magnificent designer that started from the bottom up. This fashionista is not well known but, the pieces we saw is to die for.


Supporting entrepreneurs is a passion of ours and we’d like to take a moment to share our findings with you guys.


Big named fashion brands are nice, however, you should always remember to support the small business owners. I say this because, you can bet your last dollar that they’ll be more appreciative in the end. With that being said we present to you:


Romomar New York is located in New York City and sells luxury leather goods for men and women using luxurious textiles and patterns revered in ancient times with a modern context. Register and purchase at A Black Owned business.


Devon Still And Leah Still Visit Good Morning America

The most adorable father and daughter duo, Devon and Leah Still got a chance to sit down on GMA.

America quickly fell in love with Leah, whom had been diagnosed with cancer at the young age of four. Leah went through crucial stages of Chemotherapy and other mandatory medical procedures, in order to win the fight against the deadly disease. 

Her father, Devon, walked away from his football career in order to take care of his daughter full-time. The world was kept up to date one post at a time until the best news ever, Leah won the battle in the end and is now cancer free!

Devon, a Defensive Tackle, was eventually drafted by Houston Texans NFL team. That was the icing on the cake.

What an inspiration!

Adele’s Epic Car Ride

It’s funny to see a superstar such as Adele letting her hair down. The songstress was spotted having a blast in a car ride with a friend as they rapped and sang along to their favorite songs.

She got the Nicki Minaj verse perfect!

Adele – our future new rap artist

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Who knew the serious singer had such cool rap skills?

I wouldn't mind singing songs like this, in a car, with @Adele 😂

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Loved it! Keep them coming Queen.

Ryan Coogler Teams Up With Marvel For SuperHero Film

Meet 29 year old Creed and Fruitvale Station Writer/Director Ryan Coogler. Coogler was born in Oakland, California. The young entrepreneur is engaged to fiancé Zinzi Evans.


Today at the film’s European premiere at Empire Leicester Square in London, the mogul walked the Red Carpet along with Zinzi. Coogler is in negotiations to direct Marvel’s Black Panther starring Chadwick Boseman (from the James Brown biopic) set for a 2017 release!


Black Panther will be Marvel’s first black lead SuperHero film.
Ryan has had a pretty impressive Hollywood rise since his first film Fruitvale Station with Michael B. Jordan and now his miraculous revival of the Creed Franchise which earned legendary ‘Rocky’ actor, Sylvester Stallone his very first Golden Globe.

He’s set to wed his gorgeous fiancé, whom is a sign language interpreter and deaf counselor, in February. She reportedly inspired his writing of Tessa Thompson’s character in the film representing an often underrepresented community.  (Entertainment Prescription)

Oh how our community thirst’s for ambitious, gifted young men such as Coogler.

Lil Mama Returns To ‘The Breakfast Club’ Showing She Can Handle The Charlemagne Backlash

img_20160112_162710.jpgDiving right in they immediately address the crying incident on the last interview. Says it was discussing her mother that made her cry, not necessarily Charlamagne coming down on her.

Lee warned Lil Mama ahead of time that Charlamagne was gonna make jokes and she said she was good and could handle the backlash.

There were discussions about a fight in Brooklyn she was involved with recently.

Explains the backyard show she performed last yearand confirmed that it was a favor for a family member.

She says she’s not at all upset by the memes of her crying online.

Talks of the Sausage record and the backlash against it. Says that most people hated Sausage simply because she made it and it would’ve gotten more love if someone else made the record. (We totally agree) 

Says her and father stopped talking for a short while after her mom died, but they eventually reunited. 

Lil Mama revealed that she’s now close with T-Boz and Chilli after doing the TLC movie.

Says Shad Moss aka Bow Wow is a hip hop legend.

Talked about the rumors that she and Big Sean are datthe.

Finally, the video ends with her performing a freestyle over Freeway’s “What We Do” showcasing raw talent.

All in all, the interview was informative and gives an in depth look into the life of Lil Mama.

Way to go on facing your fears and not running away from them! She is very strong because personally, I couldn’t go back in the same room as Charlemagne The God after his idiotic behavior the first time around.