‘God’s Of Egypt’ Movie Flopped On Opening Weekend

It’s not like anyone’s surprised at the failing film because Egyptians are not white people.

A few months ago, we reported this story along with great disappointment at almost the entire cast are European.

The director issued a public apology but apparently, the public was not buying it’s sincerity.

We just got word that this movie just so happened to be the lowest grossing, opening in 2016.

Check out the article below via (TheWrap.com):
The $140 million swords-and-sandals epic from Lionsgate will open to roughly $14 million, making it the year’s biggest flop so far.

“Gods of Egypt,” the big-budget swords-and-sandals epic from Summit and Lionsgate, is bombing at the box office.
The Alex Proyas-directed action fantasy, which has a steep $140 million production budget, took in just $4.8 million in its first day of release Friday and is heading for around $14 million for the three days. The projected weekend haul — one-tenth of its budget — makes it the biggest flop of the year so far.
It will finish second but well behind “Deadpool,” which stars Ryan Reynolds and will claim its third-straight weekend win. Fox’s tale of the trash-talking superhero with a boulder on his shoulder is heading for $30 million after bringing in nearly $9 million on Friday. Its domestic haul will hit $285 million and its worldwide gross more than $550 million by Sunday.