Tracee Ellis Ross [Video] Channels Her Inner Nicki Minaj On Lip Sync Battle

Thursday night was epic as Blackish star, Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson appeared on hit show, Lip-Sync-Battle.

Host, LL Cool J cheered the actress on as she slayed a Nicki Minaj impersonation while performing Super Bass.

We have to admit it was so cool to see Tracee bring out a bit of hood. Get into her performance below!



Alexandra Shipp Message To Fake Fans

The X-Men: Apocalypse’ & ‘Aaliyah’ star Alexandra Shipp (aka Storm) has a message for her false fans.

Last year, the young actress graced our television stations when she took on the role of the late great Aaliyah in the biopic of the superstar’s life. The movie was a work of Wendy Williams. The air date of the biopic was November 15, 2015.img_20160108_120709.jpg

Aaliyah fans were super critical and not in a constructive way. The tweets we’re harsh to say the least about the Aaliyah Lifetime movie. Still of course, did not take this criticism lightly as you can tell from her response on Twitter.img_20160108_120741.jpgimg_20160108_120810.jpgimg_20160108_120643.jpg

Aaliyah  sparkled in every way possible; singing,  dancing, acting and even modeled for Fashion Icon–Tommy Hilfiger. There seemed to be nothing the star couldn’t excel in. So what exactly went wrong with the film? Did Shipping tank big screen, or was it mediocre production? Those questions May never be answered.

Still of course is extremely talented at what she does, no doubt. We believe fans maybe wanted too much from the young star. Truthfully, in order to make the best biopic, it needs to be filled with just as much drama as accomplishments. That is what makes entertaining films. We hadn’t really got that from the ‘One In A Million’ star.

What we do know is in the 90’s, she had a relationship with R. Kelly as a minor allegedly and was engaged to Dame Dash, owner of Roc-A-Fella records. What other information could we confirm? Not too much. The only tragic news we ever received about her was the fatal plane crash that abruptly ended her life. 

Kudos to the producer, director and actors for at least attempting to honor her in this new era.

Future Very Entertained By Kendall Jenner Video

Last night a video went viral of Kendall Jenner getting lit to one of rapper Future’s hits.

Kendall was dancing and it sort of looked like the infamous crip walk. Guess that made Future feel better after starting off a rough week with the drama between him and ex fiancé, Ciara. Future got so happy that he tweeted about Jenner and of course everyone started speculating.20160106_010010.jpg


Being that he loved the video so much, do you think Future might cross over to the other side? He May Just be having fun and enjoyed the entertainment like everyone else.
Thinking about one of his songs with Miley Cyrus (Real And True), where he claims his peers told him he should have a white girl, it may still be on his mind.