Brandy Is Back With A New TV Show And Music


Our fave child star turned platinum singer and actress, Brandy Norwood is back!

It’s been so long since we’ve heard new music from the triple threat artist but it was worth the wait. The new single is titled ‘Beggin And Pleadin’.

In the song, Brandy is telling her ex to take his name back. What a powerful message for single folks everywhere.


Shortly after dropping her new song, the singer premiered a new comedy/drama series on BET where she is newly divorced from a rich, ladies man. Zoe Moon is the characters name and the show focuses on Zoe’s brand new single life as a divorced mother of a young son by ex-husband.


Wendell Pierce Built 75 Homes For His Community


Native of New Orleans actor and activist Wendell Pierce talks about how insurance companies discouraged poor and black families from returning to New Orleans after Katrina by refusing to honor homeowner policies. Pierce, whose great-grandfather came to New Orleans as a slave in the 1800s, talks about how Allstate gave his parents just $400 after they paid premiums for 50 years. Pierce also writes about his family in his new book, “The Wind in the Reeds: A Storm, a Play, and the City That Would Not Be Broken.”

In 2005, when Katrina shockingly destroyed his old neighborhood, he returned to Pontchartrain Park to revitalize the neighborhood and has built 75 new homes and plans on doubling that number.

WENDELL PIERCE: “I remember the greatest crime that ever happened, I think, was 10 years ago, when none of the large insurance companies honored the homeowner policies. My parents paid Allstate for 50 years, when they moved into Pontchartrain Park in 1955 up to the day we evacuated, and we’re still paying after the flood, because my mother said it can burn down at any time. And for those 50 years of premiums, they received $400. They said, “That’s all we’re going to pay.” There was a lawsuit, a class-action lawsuit, years later that everyone participated in to try to get some sort of mediation, and we lost the class-action suit. So, all of those insurance companies that sold insurance to my parents for years, saying that “You will be made whole. Have some flood insurance, and along with your homeowners’ insurance, when you put them together, you will be made whole,” they only gave them $400 after 50 years of paying premiums.”

“It is the African-American aesthetic: in spite of the challenge, in spite of the oppression, I will survive. And that’s on display in New Orleans, and that’s the reason 10 years after the fact, we are back to where we are.”


Serena Williams Gives Dating Advice


In the February 2016 issue of Harper Bazaars Magazine, Tennis Champion, Serena Williams gives her best dating advice.

The Q&A special features readers getting questions answered by the athlete.

Relationship Dilemmas 101:

DEAR SERENA: What’s the best way to dress for a date? I always end up looking too casual, or overdoing it. I need help! —Clueless in the Closet

SW: It’s really important to be yourself, since your true colors will show through in the end. And always add heels!

DEAR SERENA: Sometimes when I begin dating a new guy, I start doubt
ing myself and feel my initial confidence 
 (which helped snag him in the first place!) slip 
away. How do I keep up my self- esteem? —Doubtful Debbie

SW: First you need to identify where the self-doubt is coming from. I think that goes back to always being yourself from the beginning. Be confident of your inner strength and beauty, and that will be reflected on the outside. My mom always taught my sisters and me to be ourselves and to stay true to who we are.


DEAR SERENA: I’m really sporty, and my boyfriend’s just…not. Any ideas on how we can bridge the gap and get active? —Track Star

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Black Actors Overlooked At White Oscars Once Again!

Films like Straight Outta Compton, Creed and Concussion stuck with us in 2015. These movies stole our hearts and took over the box office, so why didn’t they receive the highest recognition in the award industry?

Many are upset and outraged at how African American films have been overlooked for years. This time around, celebrities are speaking out about it. Even though comedian/actor Chris Rock is hosting the show, he posted a video with a very real caption:

We love a variety of movies whether it’s an all black or all white cast, that isn’t important. The fact of the matter is, a great movie is Just that, great, no matter whom the cast may be. Actress, Jada Pinkett Smith and wife of ‘Concussion’ movie star, Will Smith, is reportedly calling for a ban of the Oscars.

In this day and age, we have to do better morally, culturally and humanly. Give the people what they want! Show us all that America is not a racist land, speaking of ‘Freedom’ but acting otherwise.

Devon Still And Leah Still Visit Good Morning America

The most adorable father and daughter duo, Devon and Leah Still got a chance to sit down on GMA.

America quickly fell in love with Leah, whom had been diagnosed with cancer at the young age of four. Leah went through crucial stages of Chemotherapy and other mandatory medical procedures, in order to win the fight against the deadly disease. 

Her father, Devon, walked away from his football career in order to take care of his daughter full-time. The world was kept up to date one post at a time until the best news ever, Leah won the battle in the end and is now cancer free!

Devon, a Defensive Tackle, was eventually drafted by Houston Texans NFL team. That was the icing on the cake.

What an inspiration!

Adele’s Epic Car Ride

It’s funny to see a superstar such as Adele letting her hair down. The songstress was spotted having a blast in a car ride with a friend as they rapped and sang along to their favorite songs.

She got the Nicki Minaj verse perfect!

Adele – our future new rap artist

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Who knew the serious singer had such cool rap skills?

I wouldn't mind singing songs like this, in a car, with @Adele 😂

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Loved it! Keep them coming Queen.