Mark Zuckerberg Tells Office To Stop Crossing Out “Black Lives Matter” Posts With “All Lives Matter”

It’s sad that many people in the world seem to have no empathy for the many slaughtered African Americans in this country.

The Black Lives Matter Organization was created for a very important reason but a lot of citizens are ignoring the movement.


Today, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, sent out a very clear message about the movement and expressed his disappointment in the office members who have insensitively crossed out “Black Lives Matter” posts with “All Lives Matter”.

The memo — first reported by Gizmodo and confirmed by BuzzFeed News — was posted to a private company page. “There have been several recent instances of people crossing out ‘black lives matter’ and writing ‘all lives matter’ on the walls at MPK,” it read.

Here’s the memo:




The N. O. Hot Boyz Are Back!

Word quickly spread this week about New Orleans legendary rap group, Hot Boyz are back in the studio together.
A highly anticipated album is allegedly in the works. We got a bit of confirmation when photos of the three main members went viral.

In the photo you will see the hottest producer, Mannie Fresh alongside ‘Rodeo’ artist Juvenile who took over the charts In 1999.
Lastly, Lil Wayne, Who had mega hits such as, (lollipop), ‘Stunting Like my Daddy’, and the list goes on and on.
BG is reportedly still incarcerated at the moment, so we’re not sure how they’ll fit him into the album.


Turk, can be seen in the above picture with Birdman, so it’s looking good from here. We have high hopes that he will be involved in the historic Hip Hop reunion album.


This group grew up together and were more than just group members, they are brothers that had a falling out due to money owed to certain members.
With the recent makeup from Lil Wayne and Birdman, it seems as if they’ve all had a change of heart and was probably paid the change owed to them.

We’re super excited for a moment of history to be made.

Eazy E’s Daughter E. B. Wright To Release Documentary On Father’s Death



Eazy E’s daughter, E. B. Wright shares Her thoughts on NWA ‘Straight Outta Compton’ biopic. A film that portrays Her fathers ride to fame along with members of the legendary rap group NWA, which includes, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, DJ Yells and Mc Ren. E. B. also shares plans on releasing a documentary called “A Ruthless Scandal”.
The documentary Will focus on her speculations surrounding her fathers death and tons of things about Eazy that wasn’t portrayed in the film.
The songstress is also planning on releasing an LP this fall.

What Happened To 16 Yr. Old Gynnya Mcmillen



This news was brought to us by The Hush Report- Gynnya McMillen, a 16 y/o child was found dead in police custody earlier this week. Police say they have no explanation for her death.

Gynnya McMillen died in a juvenile detention center in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.
Officials are not releasing any information. All they’re saying is that she was found unresponsive Jan 11, 2016 at the Lincoln Village Regional Center earlier that day. They’re not saying where she was found.

So Kentucky cops seem to have a thing against Black females. They allegedly beat Antwynetta Houston and killed McMillen.

If I search Gynnya Mcmillen and look under news, there is nothing. Nothing. How is there nothing?!?

Mainstream media didn’t cover this death. We demand answers.


Not only are our black adults coming up dead but our children are falling victim in police custody.


Serena Williams Gives Dating Advice


In the February 2016 issue of Harper Bazaars Magazine, Tennis Champion, Serena Williams gives her best dating advice.

The Q&A special features readers getting questions answered by the athlete.

Relationship Dilemmas 101:

DEAR SERENA: What’s the best way to dress for a date? I always end up looking too casual, or overdoing it. I need help! —Clueless in the Closet

SW: It’s really important to be yourself, since your true colors will show through in the end. And always add heels!

DEAR SERENA: Sometimes when I begin dating a new guy, I start doubt
ing myself and feel my initial confidence 
 (which helped snag him in the first place!) slip 
away. How do I keep up my self- esteem? —Doubtful Debbie

SW: First you need to identify where the self-doubt is coming from. I think that goes back to always being yourself from the beginning. Be confident of your inner strength and beauty, and that will be reflected on the outside. My mom always taught my sisters and me to be ourselves and to stay true to who we are.


DEAR SERENA: I’m really sporty, and my boyfriend’s just…not. Any ideas on how we can bridge the gap and get active? —Track Star

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One Day After Losing Husband, Celine Dion’s Brother Is On His Death Bed

Less than a day after her husband René Angélil sadly passed away, TMZ reports that Céline Dion’s brother Daniel has only hours to live as well.

The site says that Daniel, 59, is battling brain, tongue, and throat cancer, and isn’t expected to make it through this week.

Their 89-year-old mother, their sister Claudette, and other family members are remaining by his side in Montreal.

Angélil passed away earlier today of natural causes after a long battle with throat catoday

We give our deepest condolences to Celine and family at this heartbreaking turn of events.