Former LAPD Detective Allegedly Drop Claims That P. Diddy Put A Hit Out On Tupac


Rumors have been circulating for 20 years in regards to the tragic murders of rap legends Tupac and Notorious B. I. G. The sad thing is no one can prove exactly what happened to these two talented musicians.

We are all very much familiar with the East Coast vs West Coast beef in the 90s that went entirely too far. Both rappers we’re gunned down in their early 20’s by unknown malicious murderers.

Well some new information surfaced and was brought back to the forefront this week. The New York Daily News reported an article alleging that a former LAPD detective discovered crucial evidence in Tupac’s death. Mogul P. Diddy, who launched the career of Biggie, allegedly put a hit out on the Outlaw rapper 2pac all those years ago according to sources. We have no idea if the information is true but we have watched the documentary and there is some eye opening details on it. We would hope that Sean Puffy Combs did not stoop to such vicious violence out of retaliation. This information is alleged news and we are still trying to get to the bottom of it like the rest of the world. Rapper 50 cent made a joke about the situation today on Instagram but it is definitely not a laughing matter.

Watch the “Murder Rap” documentary here:


Black Actors Overlooked At White Oscars Once Again!

Films like Straight Outta Compton, Creed and Concussion stuck with us in 2015. These movies stole our hearts and took over the box office, so why didn’t they receive the highest recognition in the award industry?

Many are upset and outraged at how African American films have been overlooked for years. This time around, celebrities are speaking out about it. Even though comedian/actor Chris Rock is hosting the show, he posted a video with a very real caption:

We love a variety of movies whether it’s an all black or all white cast, that isn’t important. The fact of the matter is, a great movie is Just that, great, no matter whom the cast may be. Actress, Jada Pinkett Smith and wife of ‘Concussion’ movie star, Will Smith, is reportedly calling for a ban of the Oscars.

In this day and age, we have to do better morally, culturally and humanly. Give the people what they want! Show us all that America is not a racist land, speaking of ‘Freedom’ but acting otherwise.

NY Jets Antonio Cromartie Gets Wife Pregnant After Vasectomy


What happened to the defense? The cornerback’s wife says that despite his vasectomy, she is pregnant with twins, which now gives the fertile football player twelve children, a team of his own.

According to reports, the couple are expecting twins!

Antonio is a cornerback for the New York Jets football team. 


Terricka Cromartie was reluctant to break the news to her hubby. Despite his vasectomy a years ago, Terricka learned she was pregnant back in October of 2015. Antonio has eight other children with different women, and the new babies will bring the total up to 12.

“I was going back and forth in my head how it could even happen. In my head we were good to go, we were having free sex! I just really thought that his procedure was the best protection you could have at this point”, said Restocks to US Weekly.

The football star even joked a little about Child Support on Instagram.

Good luck to this full family!

Lil Mama Returns To ‘The Breakfast Club’ Showing She Can Handle The Charlemagne Backlash

img_20160112_162710.jpgDiving right in they immediately address the crying incident on the last interview. Says it was discussing her mother that made her cry, not necessarily Charlamagne coming down on her.

Lee warned Lil Mama ahead of time that Charlamagne was gonna make jokes and she said she was good and could handle the backlash.

There were discussions about a fight in Brooklyn she was involved with recently.

Explains the backyard show she performed last yearand confirmed that it was a favor for a family member.

She says she’s not at all upset by the memes of her crying online.

Talks of the Sausage record and the backlash against it. Says that most people hated Sausage simply because she made it and it would’ve gotten more love if someone else made the record. (We totally agree) 

Says her and father stopped talking for a short while after her mom died, but they eventually reunited. 

Lil Mama revealed that she’s now close with T-Boz and Chilli after doing the TLC movie.

Says Shad Moss aka Bow Wow is a hip hop legend.

Talked about the rumors that she and Big Sean are datthe.

Finally, the video ends with her performing a freestyle over Freeway’s “What We Do” showcasing raw talent.

All in all, the interview was informative and gives an in depth look into the life of Lil Mama.

Way to go on facing your fears and not running away from them! She is very strong because personally, I couldn’t go back in the same room as Charlemagne The God after his idiotic behavior the first time around.

Come Again? Snootie Wild Is Accusing Lola Monroe Of Passing HIV To His Friend

There was a falling out this morning as rap artist Snootie Wild took to social media to blast model, Lola Monroe. img_20160112_115549.jpg

Apparently, Monroe allegedly is passing on the H. I. V. virus carelessly. Snootie claimed that Monroe may have given the virus to a good friend of his named Yayo.


Not too long after posting the disturbing message, Snootie deleted it, so we are not sure whether it was a hoax or accurate information. Word got out quickly before he could delete and fans immediately took to Monroe’s Instagram account to question the validity of the allegations.

Surprisingly, Monroe is handling the matter unbothered as she says “I really don’t care”, while answering the commentors questions. Here is the conversation below: img_20160112_115521.jpg

It is apparent that no one is safe on social media, as you will get blasted by messing with the wrong person.