(Download) Kanye West New Album “The Life Of Pablo”

Kanye West finally released his long-awaited album ‘The Life Of Pablo’.

The album consists of 18 tracks:


1. Ultralight Beam

2. Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1

3. Pt. 2

4. Famous

5. Feedback

6. Low Lights

7. Highlights

8. Freestyle 4

9. I Love Kanye

10. Waves

11. FML

12. Real Friends

13. Wolves

14. Silver Surfer Intermission

15. 30 Hours

16. No More Parties In LA

17. Facts (Charlie Heat Version)

18. Heat

Download the Album on TIDAL below with a free trial:

Check out this album in TIDAL: “The Life of Pablo” by Kanye West http://tidal.com/album/57273408

This reminds us of the old Kanye, THR college dropout days!

Watch Kanye West on SNL below:


Bologna! Amber Rose And Kim Kardashian Make Up Just In Time For Kanye’s Album


I am not here for the Amber Rose/Kim Kardashian stunts! The entire ordeal just seems too orchestrated and fake. I was rooting for Amber and Blac Chyna as they were considered the underdogs. By that I mean, giving the fans hope that they could finally humble the egotistical celebs like Kanye West. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Kanye or Kim but sometimes you need a dose of reality. I am kind of upset that I kept blogging about this whole mess. Now I probably will not believe anything from this group of people. I understand Kanye is promoting his album but why bring the children into the drama (Sebastian)?

It is kind of funny, however, I feel bamboozled into the foolish fake beefing. So it’s like we’re pawns in their chess game, which makes me question what’s real now days.

It was said before and I’ll say it again, back in the day, talent spoke for itself, there was no need to participate in circus acts in order to sell records.

Twitter Exploded As Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose Went Toe To Toe

img_20160127_133739.jpg img_20160127_134726.jpg

Yesterday Kanye West decided that he would change the name of his upcoming album from “Swish” to “Waves” which didn’t sit too well with Wiz Khalifa.

The news prompted Wiz to tweet his feelings on the new name of the album, Wiz said that was Max B’s idea and basically Yeezy ran off with it.

Of course Kanye went overboard claiming that he is the greatest rapper alive and he owns Wiz and ex girlfriend of Kanye, Amber Rose son, baby Bash.

Before Kanye could delete the disrespectful tweets the screenshots made it viral and Amber Rose got wind of Kanye talking foul about her child. Muva quickly clapped back and claimed Kanye likes to be fingered in his butt. Such a mess!


After the explosive news got out fans took to Instagram and now Kim Kardashian comment sections are in shambles with finger, sh*t and eggplant emojis.

E! News Confirms: Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian Are Dating!


Early Monday morning, Blac Chyna posted a photo of an unknown man’s arm wrapped around her. Everyone began speculating of who the gentleman could be. Shortly after, fans did a little investigating and posted side by side pictures of Rob Kardashian’s arm which had the exact same tattoos.


When the two started following each other on social media, no one suspected it to end up like this!

Sources close to the two confirmed along with E! News, that the two have been hot and heavy for about a week now. Khloe Kardashian quickly took to Twitter to tweet a message to Family and fans began dragging her immediately. After the backlash, Khloe recanted her statement, saying the post was in regards to another family member whom flaked on an appearance of her talk show. Of course no one believes that.


E! is the same channel that hosts Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s, so we may be able to trust their source.

The world is in a frenzy over the breaking news and of course each of the Kardashian/Jenners plus Blac Chyna’s comments are exploding on their social media accounts.

2016 Snow Blizzard In Full Effect


Friday night brought along the whitest winter that we’ve ever seen. The entire east coast is under massive amounts of snow.

Be safe out there! #Blizzard2016 #snowchallenge #topcelebblog #bloghive💄 #fullmoon

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Not only did the east coast area get buried but the south got a little bit of it too. In states such as New York, Maryland and Philadelphia, the residents are actually diving in and are completely buried to the point where you can’t see them.

Since majority of the citizens are undoubtedly snowed in, they decided to make the best out of a terrifying situation by participating in the snow challenge.

We have all literally been laughing out loud at the non-stop videos being posted on social media. The videos vary from jumping off roofs into the snow to hilarious swim competitions. Someone even captured a panda bear rolling around enjoying himself.

The vehicles are completely covered and one resident captured a photo of the snow way past the knob on the door, which is taller than many people. It’s quite unbelievable at this point but its great that they’re having fun!


Wendell Pierce Built 75 Homes For His Community


Native of New Orleans actor and activist Wendell Pierce talks about how insurance companies discouraged poor and black families from returning to New Orleans after Katrina by refusing to honor homeowner policies. Pierce, whose great-grandfather came to New Orleans as a slave in the 1800s, talks about how Allstate gave his parents just $400 after they paid premiums for 50 years. Pierce also writes about his family in his new book, “The Wind in the Reeds: A Storm, a Play, and the City That Would Not Be Broken.”

In 2005, when Katrina shockingly destroyed his old neighborhood, he returned to Pontchartrain Park to revitalize the neighborhood and has built 75 new homes and plans on doubling that number.

WENDELL PIERCE: “I remember the greatest crime that ever happened, I think, was 10 years ago, when none of the large insurance companies honored the homeowner policies. My parents paid Allstate for 50 years, when they moved into Pontchartrain Park in 1955 up to the day we evacuated, and we’re still paying after the flood, because my mother said it can burn down at any time. And for those 50 years of premiums, they received $400. They said, “That’s all we’re going to pay.” There was a lawsuit, a class-action lawsuit, years later that everyone participated in to try to get some sort of mediation, and we lost the class-action suit. So, all of those insurance companies that sold insurance to my parents for years, saying that “You will be made whole. Have some flood insurance, and along with your homeowners’ insurance, when you put them together, you will be made whole,” they only gave them $400 after 50 years of paying premiums.”

“It is the African-American aesthetic: in spite of the challenge, in spite of the oppression, I will survive. And that’s on display in New Orleans, and that’s the reason 10 years after the fact, we are back to where we are.”

Source: BET.com