Shots Fired

As you all know many people take beef to Social Media sites. Yes, even Celebrities go toe to toe with fans, stans and sometimes family. This is just a few IG and Twitter beefs out of many. Some of which include: 50 cent, Lil Fizz, The Game, Young Thug, BlacChyna, Tyga,Erica Mena, etc….IMG_20150511_20014720150510_22525620150510_09495020150509_20230920150510_17054720150510_140220IMG_20150508_171455IMG_20150506_125605IMG_20150427_084351IMG_20150427_224925IMG_20150428_100634IMG_20150428_220232IMG_20150429_063631IMG_20150501_081903IMG_20150501_234331IMG_20150501_230407IMG_20150501_205828IMG_20150510_151721IMG_20150502_011415IMG_20150503_204141IMG_20150506_063024IMG_20150508_162118IMG_20150508_230253IMG_20150510_143758 IMG_20150512_162021


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