Rihanna: Dior Fashion Show In Tokyo

Megastar, Rihanna has been strangely low-key lately. We say this is odd because the singer is best known for being explicit and flashy. Apparently with age, comes maturity. Experience can be the best teacher and we believe Rihanna has learned to simmer down on the drama. One would say she is definitely more focused than ever on business ventures. This is a really great idea too.                                                                              This week, RiRi stunned us all at the ‘Dior’ Fashion Show in Tokyo. Rihanna, as we all know has recently teamed up wirh the super successful fashion line ‘Dior’ which is why Ms. Fenty stepped out with a hip but sophisticated Dior dress that had everyone wanting more. She also has a new hair style and hair color. We must say ‘Ginger’ is a tasty ingredient that we love here at TopCelebBlog.                                        RiRi’s Dior bag and shoes topped the dress just right and what a fashionably delicious treat for us all. This fashion show was a major success to say the least. All we can say now is more, more, more.                                                                   Fashion is every girls passion and many guys too. So we, cross our fingers, hoping the next Rihanna/Dior reveal will not be too far down the line. We know you are just as anxious and excited as we are. You know Rihanna, always full of surprises and new trends. And we will be here for it all. Thanks RiRi! IMG_20150618_054829IMG_20150618_054611IMG_20150618_054639IMG_20150618_054721   http://wp.me/P63RfY-8e                           http://wp.me/P63RfY-7H                         http://wp.me/P63RfY-35


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