Jay Z And Beyonce Put Up Bail Money

As we all know back in April, there were thousands of Baltimore and Ferguson protestors in the streets. The tragedy of the Freddie Gray’s case had us all on edge. Many of the angry protestors were arrested by Baltimore police because things had gotten way out of hand. No one could really blame the citizens for reacting in such a manner. So many African Americans lost their lives in the custody of our police officers who are here to protect, as they say. Beyonce and her husband Jayz felt a change needed to occur in America for black people. When the protestors got arrested, Beyonce and Jayz reportedly put up a lot of bail money to get the citizens out of jail. This makes us have so much more respect for the couple. They stay involved with the communities on so many levels. IMG_20150520_062601    Click below to see Ciara and new man:     http://wp.me/P63RfY-a9


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