Hazel E Has Accident

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Hazel E posts photos of her accident in Dubai. The rapper/reality star is in the hospital with a broken nose. The photos are quite graphic to be honest. Allegedly Hazel has had many plastic surgery procedures to keep a youthful appearance. You may also know her as being coupled up with Young Berg aka Hitmaker. There was another member of the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast that had a lot to say about Hazel’s accident. Masika and Hazel used to be good friends until Masika went behind Hazel’s back and started dating Young Berg. Well Masika went on theshaderoom.com blog and made plenty jokes in reference to Hazel’s accident. Petty much? As you can recall, Young Berg was arrested for allegedly beating up Masika a few months ago. Maybe Masika should be more concerned about the domestic violence case and leds concerned about if Hazel E really had an accident or plastic surgery. Good luck Hazel. Here are the photos of Hazel in the hospital bed. IMG_20150524_230518


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