‘Feeling Myself’ Only On Tidal

Nicki Minaj & Beyonce shocked us all today with the new ‘Feeling Myself’ music video. In the video Nicki and Beyonce dress almost identical. They were eating burgers an fries having major fun. Nicki sported a ‘Pervert 17’ jersey. The jersey seemed to be throwing shade at Tyga. As we all know, Tyga and Kylie Jenner has been too close for comfort lately with her being a minor and all. Nicki supposedly feels ill towards Tyga for so called beef they had over the song ‘Truffle Butter’. Also, Tyga was reported, sating foul things about Nicki during tgis beef. Here are pictures of the ‘Feeling Myself’ video and a link to a preview of the video.     ➡➡➡ https://instagram.com/p/212cvMt8po/  IMG_20150518_175835  IMG_20150518_191517IMG_20150518_200349


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