Chinx Wife’s Message

As we all are aware now the tragic ending to Rapper Chinx Drugz life that occured not too long ago. Chinx was the best friend of Rapper French Montana. Chinx was married to Nelli, his beautiful wife of 13 years. Chinx in fact does have a baby on the way with a lady by the name of Trish. This may be news to the world but his wife, Nelli made it very clear that she knew of the pregnancy a long time ago. Since the finding of this information, Nelli became the bigger woman and welcomed the mother to be with open arms. Being that this baby will be one half of her late husband, who could blame her. Many women complained that they could not forgive such disrespect but all the same, what’s done is done. Nelli posted a message to the world where she thanked Trish and her family for making this as painless as possible. Here is a photo of the two together at the baby shower and Nelli’s view on the situation. IMG_20150616_215233IMG_20150616_215316


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