Exclusive: In Depth Interview With Tamera Scott, Owner Of LuxxJewelz


Ladies, if you’re anything like me, then you adore the blinged out costume jewelry to give any outfit that special pop! The only problem with costume jewelry is that it only lasts a few days before it’s already fading. Well, look no further because LuxxJewelz is all that and more, creating custom made quality, costume jewelry that is Stainless Steel.

LuxxJewelz is costume meets high end glamorous all in one! Celebrities such as Tamar Braxton and Elle Varner are featured in magazines such as Hype Hair and Kontrol sporting LuxxJewelz.

tamar_objectsofdesire_cover-791x1024-e1350651591564.jpg (Tamar Braxton wearing LuxxJewelz)

77f4e8d03e1581870e56e97e2e98f16e.jpg (Elle Varner wearing LuxxJewelz)

We wanted to know more about this company and the owner, Tamera Scott, to exclusively share with our readers, an in-depth look into how LuxxJewelz was created. Check out the interview below:

fb_img_1455937295281.jpg (Owner Of LuxxJewelz: Tamera Scott)

Topcelebblog: Tell us little about your company.

Tamera Scott: LuxxJewelz is a high class chic and glam jewelry shop that specializes in exclusive pieces and one of a kind stainless steel items.

Topcelebblog: Is this only high end jewelry or affordable for everyone?

Tamera Scott: Both! We are high end and affordable our  amazing customer service and desire to make every customer a priority is what sets us apart.

Topcelebblog: How did the business get started?

Tamera Scott: I started with the idea when I couldn’t find jewelry that would last more than a week. I decided I need to bridge the gap between cost and costume.

Topcelebblog: Do you have a motto?

Tamera Scott: My motto would have to be: “Timing is everything” I feel as individuals we are in preparation for greatness and all you need is a little patience.

Topcelebblog: What do you want potential customers to know about the product?

Tamera Scott: We are an amazing brand with an outstanding team, working to provide you with the best quality and up to date jewelry styles. Trust in LuxxJewelz to not only elevate your style but your confidence as well when wearing our pieces.

Topcelebblog: Is it exclusive online or in-store?

Tamera Scott: Online right now but in the future our shoppers will have the option to visit a physical location.

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Rick Ross Celebrates 40th Birthday At Private Extravaganza In Atlanta


MMG boss Rick Ross took over Atlanta last night at a super expensive birthday bash exclusively for his celebrity friends.

Ross arrived on the scene with fashion designer, Shateria, whom is his ex-girlfriend. Not only did he have Her by his side but he strolled up with the man who runs almost everything in entertainment, Ric Flair.


The star studded event was filled with high profile guests including Elise Neal, Ludacris, Katt Williams, Yo Gotti, Keri Hilson, Shannon Brown and Monica Brown.

The party was nothing short of a success.

Jay Z Facing Lawsuit From Perfume Company


Parlux Fragrances is responsible for the licensing, designing and marketing of celebrity fragrances including the “Jay Z Gold”.

Jay Z Gold, the signature fragrance line of New York Hip Hop rapper and mogul Jay Z is one of those fragrances that never got the exposure that was agreed upon.

 Parlux Fragrances is suing Jay for $20mil! In order to boost sales, Jay was supposed to continuously promote the fragrance on social media and make several appearances, in which he allegedly did not do. Apparently there was an issue with him upholding his portion of the agreement, which has led to a huge misunderstanding and lawsuit.

Parlux Fragrances said that some of those appearances included an interview on Good Morning America and an exclusive interview with Women’s Wear Daily.

The businessman is already facing legs action from singer, Rita Ora, whom is attempting to get released from her contract under his label.

Jay Z barely promoted Roca Wear which lead to the brands non-existence.

Introducing Ramomar New York Luxury Designs


This is a very special article for us simply because we love fashion to pieces, literally.

Our CEO came across a magnificent designer that started from the bottom up. This fashionista is not well known but, the pieces we saw is to die for.


Supporting entrepreneurs is a passion of ours and we’d like to take a moment to share our findings with you guys.


Big named fashion brands are nice, however, you should always remember to support the small business owners. I say this because, you can bet your last dollar that they’ll be more appreciative in the end. With that being said we present to you:


Romomar New York is located in New York City and sells luxury leather goods for men and women using luxurious textiles and patterns revered in ancient times with a modern context. Register and purchase at http://www.ramomarny.com A Black Owned business.

Petty! Fans Make Big Deal About Ciara’s National Anthem Dress


Singer/Model Ciara sang the national anthem live at the Alabama VS. Clemson Football Game Championship.

The star shined bright literally and gracefully on stage.

Ciara wore a gorgeous cream colored gown that wowed the crowd. The attire fit Her frame perfectly, however, many people were not pleased at the front of the dress because it displayed minor cleavage in a shear piece added to the front.

There were no complaints on our end as we enjoyed the show and beauty of the songstress. Of course there will be complaints, no matter what you do or Who you may be.

Ciara is the epitome of elegance, style and grace throughout her entire career. One person who matters the most to Cici is her bae, Russell Wilson and he did not have an issue with her appearance.

So we say to you, if you’re one of the bitter Betty’s causing an uproar over anything you have no control over, clutch your pearls and get it together. It is not nor ever will be that serious to bash another woman in order to uplift your low self-esteem.

Jennifer Lawrence Very Rude To Reporter At Golden Globes

We came across an article where the journalist claimed ‘Joy’ actress,  Jennifer Lawrence was unnecessarily arrogant and rude to a reporter after the Golden Globe Awards.img_20160111_153826.jpg

Not wanting to believe the story, I hesitantly clicked on the video and immediately became disgusted while watching it. Lawrence was so beautiful with an elegant, knockout red gown but the comments that we’re coming out of her mouth, quickly screamed ‘ugly’.

You could tell by the reporters accent, that he was not American. Lawrence snapped and appeared highly annoyed at the reporter reading questions from his phone. It was obvious, he May have been struggling with the English language. 

Recently, we published a story about Lawrence shading Lindsay Lohan, which caused the singer to clap back via Twitter (see previous article).

We love Jennifer Lawrence but it’s becoming painfully clear that she has no filter on hurtful things coming from her mouth.

All we can say at this point is, always be humble.