First (Photo) Of Saint West Revealed On Rob Kardashian Sr. Birthday!

After nearly three months of patiently waiting to see the baby boy of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, baby Saint West is finally revealed to the world!


Today is the birthday of late Robert Kardashian Senior, Attorney, famous for the OJ Simpson trial. In remembrance of her father, Kim Kardashian posted an adorable photo of Saint on her personal App and website.


Keyshia Cole Is Rumored To Be Dating Bow Wow And Deletes Her Instagram Account



Via So the word on media is that Keyshia Cole is dating non other than Bow Wow oh our bad Shad Moss.. Yes Yall,{according to the rumors} we would have never thought that these too would’ve hooked up… Last time we heard about KC was boo’d up with her Hub-Boo/Son Dad Boobi Gibs … But we guest not. However we knew Bow and Erica Mena was done… But Chile KC and Bow..My! Here’s the deets on the secretly dating duo per GossipViv: “I don’t know how true this rumor is, or if there is any validity to this, but the word on the internet curb is that Keyshia Cole and Bow Wow are now dating!! Yes!! You heard right! Keyshia Cole and Bow Wow are “allegedly” dating. I, personally, cannot comprehend that the two are together, but according to the good folks over, the two have been secretly dating for quite some time now. So….in an apparent attempt to keep things quiet and secret, Keyshia Cole has decided to delete her entire IG page!! Not sure if the deletion has anything to do with Bow Wow, but that’s the word.

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Colin Kaepernick Goes Public With New Girlfriend


img_20160218_193235.jpgVia TMZ

“San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick has finally gone public with his new relationship … with MTV “Girl Code” star, Nessa.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ Sports the two have been dating for months … but they finally surfaced as an official couple this weekend at a Valentine’s Day charity event.


Colin and Nessa attended the Valentine Hearts fundraiser to benefit Camp Taylor — a free camp for kids battling heart disease — where they spent hours hanging out with the campers!

Congrats! “

Idris Elba Separate From Son’s Mother After Photos Of Him And Naomi Campbell Go Viral


Idris allegedly splits from mother of his 22-month-old son, Naiyana Garth, after a hot night out with Naomi emerged.
Reports revealed that Idris decided to move out of the London home he shared with the make-up artist and mother of his son Winston after pics of him and Naomi leaving a club.

Idris Elba Breaks Up With Long-Time Girlfriend, May Be Moving On with Naomi Campbell – blogged by @LoveRubyWoo Word on the British streets is that #IdrisElba may be newly single. The actor reportedly broke up with his long-time girlfriend, Naiyana Garth, after two-and-a-half years. The couple have a child together, 22-month-old Winston, and they were sharing a home. Since the split, Idris has moved out of their house and gotten his own flat in South West London. Things seemed off with the couple when Idris didn't bring Naiyana, a 28-year-old professional make-up artist, with him to the Screen Actors Guild Awards last month or to the British Film Awards this past Sunday. He opted to take his 13-year-old daughter Isan to the SAG Awards instead, and at the British Film Awards, people were quick to notice that he did not include Naiyana in his acceptance speech. When reporters asked him if he was newly single, he gave a vague response, saying, "That's the media for you." While Naiyana seems to be taking the breakup pretty hard, it looks like Idris may have already moved on to someone new…supermodel #NaomiCampbell. The two, who have been friends for a couple years, were spotted together at 1 OAK in New York just a few nights ago. The two of them were seen leaving the club together as well. Though nothing has been confirmed, it seems like Idris and Naomi are enjoying each other's company. Do you think these two would make a cute couple?

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Neither Idris or Garth have confirmed the news but sources are sure that the relationship is definitely over. Looks like Naomi Campbell still got it after all of this time. 

Oh no! Jordin Sparks And Sage The Gemini Split


It is very relate have a long-lasting relationship in Hollywood and each day it’s a new split, divorce or break up to report.

Today we just got tragic news that the beloved young couple, Jordin Sparks and Sage The Gemini called it quits after a short 10 months.

If you can recall US reporting to you a while back that Gemini’s ex girlfriend was claiming to be still involved with him while he was in a relationship with Sparks, allegedly. This was last year and I hate to say it but this breakup is no surprise. I’ve confessed that time in time again… You will lose them the same way you got them. So if he did cheat on his ex with Jordin, he probably cheated on Jordin with someone else. We will probably never know but good luck to them.

Ciara Slaps Future With $15M Lawsuit For Dafamation

For the life of me, I wish people would think of the children and keep them out of adult drama!


You’ve probably heard by now that the once Body Party duo is now cutthroat towards one another as Cici slaps Her baby daddy with a hefty lawsuit to get him to keep his mouth shut about personal affairs.

According to TMZ & SayCheeseTV- Ciara and Future have NOT reached a peace accord — she’s just slapped him with a lawsuit for calling her a controlling bitch and questioning her mothering skills.

In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ … Ciara says her baby daddy has been on a year-long campaign against her and her new BF Russell Wilson — and she says it was all done to gain publicity for his new music.

She calls him out for a radio interview last summer where he discussed a now infamous photo of Wilson pushing Ciara and Future’s son in his stroller. Future said, “She probably set him [Russell] up. You letting them catch that photo. Leave my son out of all the publicity stunts.”

Ciara points out several other interviews, but she’s also pissed about his Twitter rant in January when Future said, “This bitch got control problems … I gotta go through lawyers to see baby future … the f***ery for 15k a month.”

In the suit, Ciara says she goes out of her way to make sure Future sees their son — and says they’ve had at least 19 visitations (some spanning several days) since December 2014.

Just last week TMZ got video of Future and his son in L.A. while Ciara was on vacay with Wilson. We thought it was a sign they were settling their differences, but that’s clearly not the case.

Ciara believes Future’s comments were said with malice. She’s suing for slander and libel, wants all his nasty tweets deleted, and wants him blocked from saying anything about private family matters regarding baby Future … in the future.