Katt Williams Becomes Laughing Stock By His Own Kind

You’ve heard the horrible stories concerning one of our greatest comedians, Katt Williams, lately, unless you live under a rock.
It’s troubling to see such a talented black man go through hell, right before your very eyes. Well, unfortunately that’s exactly what I have witnessed lately.
Williams has been arrested back to back along with an infamous fight with a 17 year old boy. Tragic isn’t it?
That is what the average person sees but not me. What I have seen is a kind man being ridiculed in front of a nation.
A while ago, I posted a video of Katt speaking the truth about drugs and Illuminati in Hollywood. He also exposed detailed information in regards to the FEMA camps. From what I understand is those camps were built in order for the government to enforce Marshall Law. It’s strange that shortly after speaking his mind, his life turned upside down.
This is called propaganda. The media literally chews one up and spits you out whenever they feel like you no longer benefit them.
Going through #KattWilliams hashtag is none other than disturbing to me at this point. The relentless negativity from black people did not sit well with me being a conscious individual. All I could think of was how much we hate and tear down each other. It’s quite sad to be honest.
Before I leave, I want to give a message to whomever reads this:
Katt Williams literally gave fans money out of his pocket at his comedy show, without hesitation. Not only that but he took time out to snap pictures with as many as possible.
Lastly, have you heard of the recent story about when he helped a stranded woman on the side of the road? He was late for an important meeting just so he could help a citizen in need. Think about that when you think of a celebrity who truly cares and spread love instead of hate. (Photo Courtesy: Black Truth TV)


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